Space19 Grow Station

Automation is essential to vertical farming systems to ensure that crops are receiving the care and attention they need to flourish. Here at X19 GrowTech, we believe a fully automated vertical farming system – with lighting, fertilization, and irrigation – is key to success in today’s market. Our vertical unit can produce 3-4x more crops than traditional farming methods. Once you set the parameters you can forget about it and focus on other important tasks. With precise watering, waste management, and fertilizing to boot, indoor farming needs no longer be labor intensive! 

Features include:

  • Historical cultivation data, resulting in higher quality and more consistent batches 
  • Mobile app control & notifications 
  • Creation of optimized fertilizer recipes for nutrient and light uptake 
  • Remote provision of Cultivar recipes 
  • Early detection of critical events to enforce crop biosecurity 
  • Machine learning to improve grow metrics 

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