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From seed to sale, X19 GrowTech uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to connect people to the source of their foods and vital medicines. We provide fully automated intelligent crop monitoring software, with AI-driven analytics, to help medium-to-large farmers grow more sustainably, intelligently, and profitably.

Our mission is to help people working in agriculture analyze data and obtain the most accurate information for making informed decisions, thus improving their work results, and simplifying their everyday activities.
X19 Growtech
Our Mission
- Enhance the capacity to respond to food security risks and crises
- Strengthen food safety and improve nutritional intake
- Reduce food loss and wastage through a more efficient use of resources
- Enhance the sustainable technology-enabled domestic food supply
- Disrupt the agriculture industry through innovative crop monitoring solutions

AI is gaining traction in many different research areas. Our disruptive technology applies these principles to agriculture, food and animal sciences, integrating digital sensors with robotics and AI technology. To this end, we are developing our proprietary SaaS solutions for crop monitoring (as well as seed-to-sale software) and hardware for grow stations, including a vertical unit capable of producing 3-4x more crops than traditional farming methods. Our AI/machine learning technology allows for delivery of the correct amount of water through “fogging” techniques to help farmers grow better and more sustainable food.

Whether you’re talking about food or data, simplicity is the name of the game. Our remote-sensor technologies allow you to monitor your crops from anywhere – delivering the most accurate and usable information, thus helping farmers optimize their crop production and related agricultural processes throughout the value chain. Together with our partners and customers, we participate in the agricultural transformation and the creation of more sustainable food production.
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